Scott Nicholson 

“The scent of a vintage car can send you back in time…and it sends Scott back to the 60’s when his Mom was a proud owner of a 1962 white rag top, candy apple red, Plymouth Sport Fury. The combination of Mom’s enthusiasm for “cool cars” and Scott’s dad being a historian made for lively and entertaining road trips.  A typical family outing would have all packed in the convertible, cruising all over New England, listening to dad weave (embellishing), stories around the fascinating history that surrounded us.

Those early memories of sightseeing with the family inspired Scott to provide others the opportunity to explore and experience Newport in the same entertaining way.

Scott is a retired corporate executive and says leading tours while driving vintage cars in his hometown of Newport is a dream job. During his time off you can likely catch a glimpse of Scott running or biking around the island as he trains for his       triathlons. He’s an avid outdoors man who loves surfing, fishing and sailing. Scott loves the local history and enjoys reading up on it in his spare time. Scott has two adult children and a beautiful new grandson, whom you are advised not to inquire about … unless you are prepared for an earful!”

Michael Northup

“Michael is beginning a new venture with Ocean Drives after spending 25 years as a social worker specializing in mental health. He is a 5th generation Newporter, being descended from the founders of the Aquidneck Island settlement (1638) many of whom also later founded Newport (1639). He is an amateur genealogist, and an avid student of Rhode Island colonial history, specializing in the life and writings of Roger Williams.

He is a member of a number of historical and genealogical organizations, among which are the Order of First Families of Rhode Island, and the Sons of the Revolution (Newport Chapter).

Michael hopes to bring his love of Rhode Island history, architecture, and natural beauty to each new visitor to the “city by the sea.” He hopes you will join him in experiencing Newport through an Oceandrives tour this season.