1960 Cadillac DeVille (62 series)     

   Car Life magazine selected the 1960 Cadillac as its “Best buy in the luxury field.”

The 1960 model year was an impressive beginning to a new decade. During the Sixties, Cadillac styling became more graceful and restrained as Bill Mitchell gradually unified the design. Few new engineering advances were introduced, but orderly design development and a conservative styling approach set Cadillac apart from other luxury makes and maintained its reputation as “The Standard of the World.” To the American public, Cadillac remained a symbol of prestige, success, and good taste

Cadillac’s 1960 bold sweeping lines stood out as a modern masterpiece of automotive sculpture. Every luxury and convenience coddled both driver and passengers, with comfort enough for even the longest journey. Here was a car designed for comfort, but one that offered a pleasant surprise when a quick response was needed — 0-60 mph in just 10.3 seconds. And with the windows up, the interior became hushed, like a living room on wheels. Cadillac engineering and design had come together in creating a sumptuous machine.

This was the last year for air suspension and for wraparound windshields, except on the Series 75 Fleetwood models.

According to contemporary road tests gas economy ratings for 1960 Cadillac’s were approximately 14 miles per gallon at a steady 60 miles per hour.

Suggested retail price: $5,455

Engine: 390CI, 325HP@4800, Carter two-barrel model 2814s

Seating: 6

Weight: 4,850lbs.

Production total: 14,000